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Mary Helen

A unique voice is the world of boutique girls clothing designers, Mary Helen stands apart both in her designs and in her mission. Mary Helen Clothing loves to inspire others to pick up the needle and thread and create unique designs all their own. To achieve this goal, Mary Helen hosts sewing camps at boutiques around the country. This is a week dedicated to teaching a skill and results in a pair of shorts or a skirt that she made all on her own. “Creative thinking - in terms of idea creativity - is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured (Edward de Bono).” Mary Helen seeks to share her passion by spreading the skill of sewing.

The high quality fabrics found in the Mary Helen designs keep her comfortable all day long. Moms love that these outfits can be passed along from one child to the next without losing their vibrant style. One of the top sellers is an outfit featuring a wise owl. The ivory top masterfully blends a rich mustard yellow with cool light blue. The skirt beneath has sweet polkadots and a layer of ruffles peeking out at the hem. This outfit is one that she will continue to love from fall to spring. Unique geometric shapes fill the print and are found creating the outline of the owl. These same design elements are found in other pieces from the fall collection.

Keep your eyes peeled for the beautiful new creations brought to life in the coming collections from Mary Helen. They are sure to not only be unique but also will add a light to her eyes. One of the overlooked benefits of selecting high quality clothing from designer brands is that these creations continue to be loved longer than their counterparts. These brands fill a closet with outfits that can be broken down and reimagined in new matches.

In her dream of designs, Mary Helen loves to draw out the child’s spirit by introducing details that bring her radiant smile. Every creation from Mary Helen allows your daughter to express herself by putting together an outfit that is all her own. She will adore the bright colors and whimsical touches that fill every design. As Mary Helen says, we know that every design has the ability to alter a girl’s mood and confidence. With Mary Helen, she is encouraged to express herself and build her self-esteem.

The Mary Helen Studio hosts camps, classes and parties for kids of all ages. With every event, Mary Helen and her friends inspire little girls everywhere. Your daughter’s creative soul will ignite with sparks of imagination and love!

The coming Spring 2017 line is another wonderful masterpiece from Mary Helen. Although the products have not yet been released, we are here to tell you just what they have in store! We adore that several of these pieces are designed around a print that has small swatches of watercolors blending spring shades found in the blooming wild flower fields. Several pieces offer her her over-sized pockets that are not only an element of design, but hold her hands and and any delicate treasures she may find as she plays. As with all Mary Helen Clothing designs, be prepared to fall in love with the patterns that fill the collection. A perfect example is the coming geometric print that is a twist on the Aztec trend and is loaded with bold colors. This little sneak peek will not fall short once the designs are released!