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Oh the excitement of wearing a pair of shoes from Joyfolie. Shoes embellished with sequins, fabric rosettes and bows. Each shoe is a work of art. Paired with her favorite party dress of one of Joyfolie's own, she'll be set apart from the crowd.
Joyfolie Lucia Heel in Blush Satin (Size 6)
Was: $58.00
Sale Price: $20.00
Matilda Backpack in Coral
Was: $25.00
Sale Price: $14.00
Joyfolie Hailey Flat in Blush (6 & 4Y)
Was: $64.00
Sale Price: $20.00

When I think of my daughterís style, I think both girly and bohemian. She dresses very modestly, and maintains a simple looking style; but she loves to wear flowy, hippy tops with cute sunglasses and brightly colored gladiator sandals. She loves when her skinny jeans are distressed and cuffed to her ankles, and is always flashing the camera a huge smile with a peace sign. She also loves to dress up, but she is not incredibly fond of big, fluffy ball gown type dresses. She loves to wear light, pastel colors and elegant earth tones. Flowers and bows are her go-to accessories for special occasions. She loves shoes with little bows or buttons on the toes, and she loves her dresses to look pretty yet simple. When I am looking for clothes for my little girl, I immediately turn to Joyfolie. This brand has everything my daughter loves: flowers, sandals, and beautiful pieces that can be worn for just about every single occasion.

She really loves the boho styled tops. The flouncy tops are often neutral colors, so she can wear them with almost everything! She often pairs them with a cute pair of jeans or even a standard pair of leggings and a fashionable pair of sandals from the same brand. Accessorizing with scarves is one of her go-to looks, and these tops coordinate perfectly with her most beautiful infinity scarves! She loves the classic look of leather sandals. With Joyfolie, that look is made to look slightly less mature and more suitable for young girls due to their implementation of delicate fabric flowers, sparkling rhinestones, and shimmery glitter that give more mature looks a slightly girlish touch. It helps my daughter from growing up quite so fast!

Boutique dresses are some of my daughterís favorite articles in her closet! The handsome Etta dresses are a great choice for school or even more casual parties. She will often don her favorite sandals with them for a sweet and sassy summer look. Especially for special occasions, she loves the dainty beaded designs that add a girly and sophisticated accent to the fun little frocks. She wore a dress from the brand to a wedding we attended, and she looked simply beautiful! The dress was a creative take on a classically vintage flapper dress with its high, scooped neckline, thin tank straps, and shimmery beaded accents along the bodice and as a fringe along the hem. The layers of beautiful fabric and beads were striking, and when she paired it with her pretty lace bolero for the ceremony, it was so meek and elegant. It was so fun to watch the beaded fringe on her dress sparkle as she twirled on the dance floor. She wore them with one of her favorite pairs of special occasion shoes from the same brand, and she looked just darling!

Even though we love all of their clothing styles dearly, where Joyfolie really stands out is their lovely shoes! Their sandals are gorgeous, and we have almost every pair! There are a complete variety of styles for both special occasions and casual everyday wear. Their styles are modern and super trendy, without looking too young or too old for my daughter. My daughter has a different pair of shoes to go with every outfit! She has pairs of shiny gold and silver sandals for weddings and other special occasions, but she has many pairs of casual sandals from the brand as well. I love her classic leather sandals that are accented with sparkling rhinestone flowers. In the warm weather months, she loves wearing her tall gladiator sandals from the brand with everything! Whether she is wearing a cute sundress or jean shorts with a cute top, her go-to shoes are her gladiator sandals! For her cousinís graduation last year, she wore her gladiator sandals and a cute dress for the ceremony and graduation party. She received so many compliments on her outfit!

In the cooler seasons, my little flower child loves her boots! Whether they are classic suede or covered in sequins, my princess wears them with everything! She loves to pair the brandís feminine and flawless booties with her skinny jeans and flowy tops on school days. They are often accented with bows or shiny zippers that add an extra girly flair to any outfit. She also wears many pairs of Joyfolie flats. They can be made of woven leather for a cute hippie look, or they can be a more modern twist on a classic t-strap dress shoe. For different celebrations all year long, she will often wear her fancy flats. These flats often feature gorgeous, large bows on the toes centered with stunning rhinestone brooches. The shoes are often a mix of matte and sparkly leather, making them appear mature and fancy without being too mature and over the top. She has glittery flats she likes to pair with both dresses and casual outfits. They look like a classic ballet flat covered in golden glitter but their true statement comes in the form of the blooming rosette that pops out above her toe!

Both my daughter and I are always in great anticipation for new styles to come out. Their effortlessly beautiful styles are our absolute favorites and we love to check out all of the fresh new looks every season. As she grows up, she can pair many of her favorite pieces with more grown-up accessories to convey her unique and shining personality in whatever way she wishes. Her independent nature blossoms into the beautiful flower that she is when she is wearing Joyfolie styles they just accentuate her naturally glowing beauty.