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Lemon Loves Lime

LaBella Flora is proud to be an authorized retailer for Lemon Love Lime a Earnshaw's Ernie award winner. Super soft quality cotton fabrics are the staple of every Lemon Loves Lime piece. Dresses, Peony Rompers from the Lemon Loves Lime Layette collection and ruffled short sets that can be passed from one child to another, while still maintaining their vibrant colors.

There is so much to tell you about Lemon Loves Lime, but first letís just start with something simple and very important. Momís who buy this designer, come back again and again. When you hold the item in your hands, whether it is a Lemon Loves Lime Ruffle Dress of a fabulous character tee (more on these in a few), you can feel the quality immediately. The majority of designs arrive made from soft, 100% cotton. There is a reason why we gravitate towards 100% cotton, we feel great knowing what is in our childrenís clothing, and that it is made with the same great fabric that we have loved throughout our own closet. Add the bright and lively looks to this wonderful quality, itís no wonder that Lemon Loves Lime continues to be a top designer brand.

To help our customers decided between styles, we want to go over a couple of their looks that you can find in just about every season. The Lemon Loves Lime ruffle dress is one of their more popular items. With their love for bright colors, these dresses may mix two different shades or monochromatic. Both of these looks have their benefits. Often when they have two colors in a dress, it introduces a look and color pallette that we both love and also never would have thought of on our own. The top reason to look for a ruffle dress that is just as beautiful in a single color is for easy pairing. Not only accessorizing her outfit, but also coordinating family outfits! The dresses that are designed by Lemon Loves Lime almost always have ruffles, letís spend a moment to talk about a few of their most popular looks. Often you will see a dress that feature ruffles wraping the skirt vertically as opposed to horizontally. These often fall to an uneven hemline, which you can bet she will adore to twirl. The dresses covered with rows of ruffles often find them near the hemline. This added weight at the bottom of the silhouette forms an elegant draping and the fabric sways gentle with her steps. These first two looks have ruffles added to the skirt. However, if you are looking for a tiered effect, they also often create dresses that form the skirt from multiple tiers of fabric, this often allows for other bright colors to join the celebration.

With a touch of old world charm, the cup of tea dresses that joined their latest fall collection were an inspiring twist on the traditional ruffle dresses that come from Lemon Loves Lime. A few of these still remain, although many momís loved the way the skirt picked up in the front and back to allow layers of ruffles to peek out from beneath. Ruffles and lace were also placed on her neckline and cuffs to tie the dress together. These are perfect for a birthday party; they are soft and comfortable, but as always with Lemon Loves Lime, there are gorgeous in style.

Saving the very best for last, letís hear it for the fun loving character tees. From a mermaid to a unicorn to delicious cupcakes, you never know what you might find in the appliques that decorate the tops from Lemon Loves Lime. The same bright colors that can be found in matching skirts or ruffle shorts, are used to form mystical characters that are straight from her dreams. As though they werenít fantastical enough on their own, these characters are often adorned with gems or given an added dimension with layered fabric for scales or petals. Embroidery and decorative stitching can be found soaring with a hummingbird or crochet flowers might be placed into the unicornís mane. As we mentioned before, you never know what surprises are in store. Our suggestion? Look for the matching bottoms that pull out her favorite colors and complete the playful outfit.

Weíd say that Joy Cha, creator of the brand, has succeeded to incorporate a motherís unconditional love (seen in the quality and comfort) with the magical imagination that fills her childhood memories. This creates a look unlike any other, sure to stand out and cause envy with her friends. If youíre little girl is still an infant, take a look at the wonderful Lemon Loves Lime rompers and dresses available in their layette collection. You wonít be disappointed!