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Miss Me Kids Jeans

Kids Miss Me Jeans, with its stunning embellished pockets, unique designs, and pick stitching details, strives to create designs that express every girlís sparkle!
Little Girls Miss Me Jeans are for the young fashionista who marches to the beat of her own drum, and wants to show the world just how fun it is to be a girl! Miss Me Girls Jeans run small and tend to have a SLIM FIT.

A constant staple to every wardrobe, the perfect pair of jeans can sometimes be hard to find. Here at LaBella Flora we are proud to offer our customers a selection of the fun designs from Miss Me for girls. Among the fabulous jeans and denim shorts, you will also find a few trendy tops to pair with whichever is her favorite. When shopping Miss Me Denim, there are a few things weíd like you to know. Whether straight leg or skinny in style, look for the pair that holds whatever she would love best. Some pairs are detailed with stitching while others may have a touch of bling in the design. Itís all about personal style, and with Miss Me for kids, you canít go wrong.

Offering a trendy look for any event, many of our best selling tween dresses for the holidays were a part of the Miss Me collection. The beautiful Couture Lace Dress for Tweens boasted of a rich burgundy wine shade enhanced with welcomed navy and pink. The unique wave of the colorblock covers the waist and is a look all its own while sheer lace forms cap sleeves. Itís no secret why this dress was picked out of the many available!

Also found in their collections are chic jackets and cardigans. It doesnít matter if it's a cargo style or a sleek motorcycle jacket, these all stand out from their peers. When shopping from a designer brand, you know that there is quality in everything you buy. Miss Me for girls is sure to provide a high standard when producing their trend setting clothing. We love how their tops and dresses look when completed with her favorite coordinating leggings. Talk about comfort and style all in one!

If you are looking for a Miss Me kids sale, be sure to shop right before a new collection is released. Twice a year, older styles that are just as on point are marked down to make room for the newer designs. This provides the opportunity to pick up designer clothing at a discounted price.

Our suggestion for kids denim shorts from Miss Me? Look for the pairs that feature lace details or fun patches and appliques. These look great even with her basic tees and are comfortable all season long. She will love picking from raw hems to those that have been rolled, each detail speaking to a part of her style that is just hers.

When shopping for back to school clothing, look for the cute button down tops, blouses or even a tee that fits just right with large text on the front. These looks will always be in style and her friends are sure to be jealous of any swag she owns from the Miss Me brand. Their newer arrivals will be here in time for our winter to thaw and will carry her through the summer in style.

Letís take a few moments to discuss the fun way Miss Me denim has added embellishments. These pants are no stranger to distressing or a touch of bling, but thereís more to it than just that. There are different kinds of distressing. If you like a heavy worn look, search for a pair that offers heavy fading and tattered rips. If you want a smaller touch of worn in style, look for the pairs that have only light fading in wash and maybe even the light whiskering found underneath the front pockets. Now letís talk about the other times of decorations found on these jeans. Moms and daughters alike love the styles with blinged out pockets or added designs made with detailed stitching. A throwback to the 80ís, weíve even noticed some added patches beneath the rips or appliques adding to the style.