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After finding the perfect dress or outfit, be sure to take a look through all of the beautiful choices in our boutique shoe section. We know that no outfit is complete without a great pair of shoes that coordinate, with this in mind, we always seek to offer the best selection of girls designer boots, flats and more to finish her look just they way she imagines. Several of our brands stand out as giants in their sector, mom’s go crazy for the designs by Livie and Luca and Joyfolie. We’re here to give you all of the insider information so that you can pick the shoe that’s best for your daughter.

When you buy a pair of Livie and Luca shoes, you can be sure that these shoes will look adorable with many of her outfits for the season. With their classic leather style, these pieces often resemble timeless shapes updated from mom’s childhood. We love their Mary Jane inspired styles! When forming a new shoe, Livie and Luca take into thought a healthy development of your child’s feet. What good is a cute pair of shoes without a comfortable, lightweight design that she can wear all day? These shoes are flexible and breathable, her feet won’t think twice in the soft leather lining as she runs about the playground. Are you a consumer who loves to learn about the company’s you buy from? Let’s take a quick at a few things that we love about the Livie and Luca brand. The first thing you notice when you open up a box is joy. All of these designs are thought of with the same imagination and whimsy that fills her little head. This means that she sees these shoes and is ready to climb a tree, play tag or race against her friends. From their newest creation to their best sellers of all time, the minds behind Livie and Luca shoes are after one overall goal: spread joy! There’s a spirit found in handmade shoes that you cannot deny. The very first collection by Livie and Luca was launched in 2005. We love that we can purchase a pair of their wonderfully creative shoes in good conscience. This brand is all about joy and love, the two things that should fill every child’s life.

Looking for sophistication and and gorgeous shoes that all of her friends will be envious of at first sight? Joyfolie is the brand for you. With styles that often make mom think “I wish this was an adult shoe”, it is no wonder that this brand has flourished in the realm of designer clothing and accessories. With shoes and boots for every boutique lover, we adore this company and any customer who has purchased a pair from Joyfolie would be quick to agree. With the sweetest of intentions, Joyfolie began as a mom making a handmade pair of shoes for her own baby girl. With a certain increase in interest, she started selling her shoes on etsy before launching the brands first full line for the summer of 2011. With textures to die for and styles that are just as comfortable as beautiful, Joyfolie is well known and loved by moms for a great reason. Even better yet, they now even make designer clothing for girls and, you betcha, women’s styles for the mom that loves to share all things in common with her mini me!

While both of these two brands are go-to’s for kids boutique shoes, be sure to look out for some of our other designers. Within our shoe collection you will find styles by Minnetonka, Mini Melissa, Old Soles, and Elephantito to name a few. Looking for soft sole infant shoes? Check out the baby styles from Minnetonka and Elephantito. Whether placed with an outfit for a day on the town, or desired for one of her photo shoots, their shoes for baby girls are adorable! Looking for some one-of-a-kind sandals for the summer? Mini Melissa has many new styles just arrived that are unique in their own way. We love the touch of darling found in the blush sandals with a bow and the fluttering whimsy in the fly flip flops in pink or orange and decorated with layered wings on both feet.

Like we mentioned, this is just a brief overview of the designers on this page. We always encourage our customers to call if they have any questions about a pair of shoes! We love to help you find the perfect match for that special occasion!