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Joah Love

Bringing fun and comfortable clothes for kids, we are so proud to be able to offer Joah Love as one of our boutique clothing brands. Within their collections you will find fabulously stylish outfits, ready for anything the day may hold for her. These fun designs are all made locally in the USA.
If this is your first time being introduced to the this super soft brand, thereís one thing that all momís love, this clothing is preshrunk. What more can you ask for from a brand: stylish clothing, comfy on your daughter and easy on you! A wide range of sizes are available, you can be sure to find creations ranging from 6 months to size 14.

One of our best sellers for the fall was designed by Joah Love, and itís not hard to understand why. The stylish outfit features a long sleeve top paired with skirted leggings. The blue and black skirt matches the ruffles placed on her shoulders. With the quality and comfort, parents everywhere love browsing the Joah Love designs for back to school outfits and spunky looks for play. Even celebrity select a cute modern dress or top for their kids, whether itís a day at home or they are out and about on the town.

Kids love to wear this amazing brand because their designs are always made with super soft fabrics, part of their commitment towards a casual and comfortable style. Parents who love a modern, clean look without the traditional fuss of designer brands, gravitate towards selecting Joah Love. The practicality moves the Joah Love clothing to the front of the line when she is choosing which of her clothes are her favorites! From vacations to school days, an outfit or dress will always fit the look she is going for. The simplicity of the modern look does not sacrifice style. It brings the latest trends to your childís closet while keeping it cozy and lasting throughout the season.

Ready to discuss what is yet to come from this amazing designer brand? Letís talk about the Spring 2017 collection. One of my favorite details found on several different items is the large polka dot look. These large dots have a hand drawn quality and just scream fun and summer to me! The coral color with these dots feels inspired by watermelons, one of my favorite summertime delights! Reminiscent of spring rain showers, a fun rain drop print is also among the new collection, sure to grab your heart the moment you see it! With ultimate comfort in mind, these styles are extra cute with unique hemlines and details that create a worn in look.

Sure to be a hit of the season, two rompers are among the Spring 2017 collection. Shape is defined by the stretch waist and the shorts have oversized pockets. Completing the look in a one of a kind way, we find that the straps cross on her back.