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Lemon Loves Lime Layette

LaBella Flora is proud to be an authorized retailer for Lemon Love Lime Layette. The brand boasts not only of super soft cotton fabrics, but also high quality that makes them a must have staple. Whether it is an infant dress or romper, these designs can be passed from one child to another, while still maintaining their vibrant colors. This is one of the many reasons that moms love this designer. Grandmothers looking to spoil their granddaughter also adore knowing that they are buying from a brand that places top quality as their highest priority without sacrificing style.

Lemon Loves Lime Layette is a brand that we know every mom will adore! The brand’s creator, Joy Cha, strives to meet her goal of helping every mother express her unconditional love to her child through these adorable creations. Each of the brand’s unique designs is fashioned with super soft cotton fabrics that are woven with care. Pieces from the collection are inspired by the beauty of a child’s smile, and is meant to reflect the wonder of a child’s innocence and curiosity, and the playfulness of a child’s mischief with darling appliques and sweet ruffles in each style.

Designer Lemon Loves Lime is one that that is unforgettable. The bright creations are characterized by soft fabrics that are often 100% cotton and are always high quality. Special touches make each piece unique, whether it is a dancing ruffle or a fun character. Solid fabric or knit appliques join with jewels to make the designs come alive. Moms and grandmas alike adore the piles of ruffles that fill every infant ruffle and baby girls dress we find in the Lemon Loves Lime Layette collection.

Assisting in your baby shower shopping, every Lemon Loves Lime infant romper or dress is sure to find matching accessories. The designers know what makes her pictures pop and what makes a us go from “aww” to “wow!” Pick up a matching ruffle blanket, created from the same soft cotton. These round blankets feature rows of ruffles that spiral from the middle out to the edge. Lemon Loves Lime also creates ruffle hats or matching flower headbands that complete her outfit.

When selecting your outfit, whether a gift or for photos, be sure to keep in mind the suggested weights for each size. As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, be sure to email or call our customer service reps, we love to help make every purchase perfect. We also are sure to know what other brands might hold a special accessory or shoe that will take the look over the top and match perfectly.

As your baby girl grows, be sure to check out the whimsical and fairy tale filled Lemon Loves Lime designs available in older sizes. You never know what to expect, the styles could feature a sugar plum fairy or a mystical unicorn. Every top, every dress and every outfit will make her feel as special and loved as she is. Carrying through with the bright colors, the older styles from Lemon Loves Lime encourages her to mix and match, filling her day with a rainbow of colors.