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Tutu Du Monde

Tutu dresses for girls from Australian designer TutuDuMonde. In need of a flower girl dress? Select one with layers of soft tulle and hand beading. Loved by the flower girl and bride alike. Seeking sizing advise, Tutu Du Monde runs true to size with most dresses offering adjustable straps for a perfect fit.

My little girl loves fashion and everything feminine. Her favorite dresses have full tulle skirts and blooming rosettes on every inch of the bodice. Sparkles are a must in her every day and special occasion wardrobe; she must always look like her inner princess! When it comes to special occasion dresses, Tutu Du Monde is definitely the expert. They know exactly how to dress my princess to the nines in the exact way that she wants to be dressed. Their elegant and ladylike styles are perfect for going to the ball or celebrating at a special event.

Even when she is dressed up, my daughter wants to be super comfortable. dresses are fashioned with bodices of softly knit fabric that allow for stretch, with fluffy, bubbly tulle skirts for the ultimate princess look! The adjustable straps on many of the dresses will allow my daughter to wear her favorite styles for at least one or two years. Every dress is ornately embellished with beautiful bead, sequin, floral, and tulle, and rhinestone accents that are sewn onto each piece by hand. For my girly-girl, these dresses are perfect for any occasion. Whenever she wants to look like a beautiful princess or a movie star on the red carpet, she just puts on one of her special occasion dresses! She will sometimes just put on one of her dresses from the brand to dance around her bedroom and practice her ballet steps. I always love to watch her dance and see the dress flow around her so sweetly. But when she wears the dresses for special events, she always receives so many compliments!

She was first introduced to Tutu Du Monde Storm Chaser dress when she acted as the flower girl for a wedding ceremony. The bride helped my little girl find a dress that was perfect for both the ceremony, and expressing my daughter’s gushingly beautiful personality. By the time they had chosen the dress, she was already head over heels for it! It was a beautiful sea-green with pearl white and mint green beads falling down the bodice in a waterfall of sparkles. A large bow of white, satin ribbon fell from the center of the waist and over the lively tulle skirt. When she strutted down the aisle tossing her delicate petals from the basket, her dress was flowing around her so gracefully and the tulle cheerfully bounced with her every step. When she stood next to the bride, she looked almost as beautiful as her. Guests at the wedding could not stop doting over how cute she looked in the dress throughout the ceremony and into the reception.

When she is at home, my daughter has big dreams of being a ballerina. With Tutu Du Monde, she can look like the prima ballerina of her imagination. When she first tried on the Dancer pink dress, she was in love! The tulle skirt was extra fluffy and puffed out to her hips like a professional ballerina’s. When she leapt and spun around the room, you could just see the joy growing within her! I imagined she was dancing onstage with the real ballerinas and it made me smile. She loved the gorgeous feathery tulle accent on the bodice of the dress. It had the appearance of a large, pink tulle daisy with a beautifully beaded center that breathtakingly sparkled in the sunlight as she turned. She looked just lovely, and that was when I knew she was absolutely gaga for Tutu Du Monde. Since then, she insists on finding a dress from the brand for every occasion under the sun!

At the end of every school year, her class has a dance to kick off summer break. When we went to find a dress, she of course made a b-line for the party dresses! The first dress she tried on was the one she chose. The Storm Chaser dress was a perfect choice for her. The skirt has a ball gown appeal, with long, mocha colored layers of tulle. The bodice was what really caught our eyes. Opalescent sequins of white fell in tear drop shapes to create a waterfall of flowers cascading down the bodice centered with pearl and sparkly beads and golden thread. Wisps of neutral colored tulle and fine feathers fluttered down to her waistline and ruffled slightly when she turned. Once she had the dress on in the dressing room, she did not want to take it off! She told me she felt like a model walking down the runway, and she had made her decision. She wore shiny gold shoes with her dress and a delicate gold jewelry to enhance the look of her dress. She had so much fun at the dance, and all the other little girls there loved her dress and asked her where she got it. She was so excited to tell me about all of the other girl’s compliments when we got home, and it made me so happy that something as simple as a gorgeous dress can have such a wonderful effect on my child’s self-esteem.

Not only do my daughter’s Tutu Du Monde dresses look absolutely gorgeous, they also carry the memories of the events she has attended in her dresses. Her unique and bubbling personality just flows out of her when she wears her dresses from this brand, and that always allows her to have the best time at any special occasion event! Every time I go into her room, I like to just peek in her closet and look at the beautiful dresses hanging there, waiting to be worn again. The dress she wore as a flower girl, the dress she wore at the dance, her dancer dress, and countless other dresses; they all hang in her closet, and when she and I look at them, we remember all the fun she has had in these gorgeous gowns, and all the memories she will continue to have while wearing them.